St. Joseph Plantation History

Plantation History

This 1000 acre plantation is the birthplace of H. H. Richardson, one of America's most important architects of the 19th century.

The maison principale was acquired by a French doctor, who was hired to care for the plantation masters, their families, and slaves.

Josephine Aime, daughter of Valcour Aime, "The Louis XIV of Louisiana", married Alexis Ferry. They purchased the plantation in 1858 and enjoyed the lavish lifestyle that existed prior to the Civil War. In 1877, unable to retain ownership after slavery was abolished, they lost their plantation for non-payment of back taxes.

The lives of these families through the years were deeply intertwined with neighboring plantations, Oak Alley, Laura, "Le Petit Versailles", and still to this day, Felicite.

Learn about the sugar cane industry in South Louisiana from 1795, when sugar was first produced on a commercial scale and sugar was considered white gold, to the present day. Sugar continues to play a vital role in the economy of Louisiana.

View the renovated slave cabins as well as Creole Cottages, detached kitchen, barns, chicken coops, blacksmith shop carpenter shop and other dependencies necessary to sustain life during these early years.

These are the tireless volunteers; some, cousins as distant as the fourth degree. As a family, we have come together to breathe new life into this beautiful house so that we may share our home's wonderful story with all who have a desire to take in the wealth of information provided by time.


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